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Ambassador Programme


What is an Ambassador?

  • A representative that helps to promote Sport Stacking with Speed Stacks
  • Teacher or Instructor that has developed a strong Sport Stacking programme
  • Someone who can share their passion and enthusiasm of Sport Stacking with others in their region
  • Someone who has fast stackers that are willing to perform in front of groups

Responsibilities of an Ambassador

  • Present Sport Stacking at conferences, workshops and events
  • Facilitate existing schools and seek out “new” schools to help foster Sport Stacking programmes in their area
  • Be open to hosting a Stack Meet and/or Regional Tournament (WSSA sanctioned)
  • Keep updated on new products and rule changes

Benefits of participation in the Ambassador Programme

  • Earn free Speed Stacks equipment for your local programme
  • Become a Mentor for others in your area
  • Stay informed of new products and innovations in Sport Stacking

How to enroll as an Ambassador