Whether you're a PE teacher, reading specialist, home educator, classroom teacher, recreation leader, coach or a rehab specialist, the team at Speed Stacks (NZ) has developed an easy process for introducing Sport Stacking to your children:

1. Request a set of FREE Cups (Email caleb@speedstacks.co.nz)

2. Order a StackMat & Timer

3. Order a Sport Pack (or equivalent products) to cater for your school or organisation 

4. Encourage students to purchase their own equipment.

5. Consider the purchase of a Tournament Display. This is essential if you wish to run your own competitions or demonstrate at a large meeting.

6. Our affordable Sport Packs contain everything you need to get a stacking programme started, and are available in two different sizes.


A Complementary Set of cups is provided to New Zealand schools to help determine if they would like to start a new sport stacking programme for the entire school. It is not intended for individual classroom use. Limit 1 set per school.


Sport Packs

A Sport Pack is the best, most economical way to get a programme started. A Speed Stacks Sport Pack provides everything you need for a successful sport stacking programme with enough equipment for your entire class to participate at once. Sport Packs include everything you see here, plus step by step instructions on how to teach your students the proper skills to be successful.

Sport Pack - 15 sets



  • A padded soft shell case
  • 15 x Speed Stacks sets in assorted colors
  • 3 G5 Pro Timers
  • 3 G5 Mats



Sport Pack - 30 sets



  • A padded soft shell case
  • 30 x Speed Stacks sets in assorted colors (Snap Top Ready)
  • 6 G5 Pro Timers
  • 6 G5 Mats






Download and Print our four page Teachers Information document. This document outlines all the many benefits of establishing a Sport Stacking programme in your school or organisation.


Download and Print our Instructors Catalogue. This three page document outlines our products and highlights our Sport Packs which are an essential item to have to support Sport Stacking in your school or organisation. Email caleb@speedstacks.co.nz to place your order. You can also order through our website. Do not put payment through until we have confirmed postage and packaging costs. Thank you.


While you are teaching your Sport Stacking unit, your students will want to purchase their own gear. Speed Stacks gives your students a 10% discount on all cups. Just email the office caleb@speedstacks.co.nz to get your school’s Discount Code for students and their families to use on our website.




We have asked all New Zealand schools and groups who have been regularly sport stacking to send in a video to show us how they Sport Stack with Speed Stacks in their PE programmes. Below is a video sent in from St Mary's School of Whanganui.

St Mary's School's video can be seen here: