Student Feedback

STUDENT FEEDBACK - We recently asked for all students to send in their feedback on our website and products. Here is some we have received:


"This web page is such a great way to show people how and what to do with Speed Stacks. It helps more and more people get into learning this fun amazing sport. I really like how this page has been presented with a lot of pictures and a lot of information about SPEED STACKS. It is also cool that you are able to order and buy your own equipment online at this web page."

"These look awesome! I've heard about them and wondered where to get them from - now I know and can tell others.Your website is easy to navigate and I like that! I've copied the teachers info to pass on to mine - hope they get the hint! Also like your Facebook page - Facebook makes finding you heaps easier!!!" 

"I love your new website, it's flashy cool and easy to read. I like it's slim design and how it looks so organised. I hope it stays like this for a while."