"Sport stacking with Speed Stacks is such a FANTASTIC sport/activity. The students in my class love to stack at any opportunity...and it starts from when they come into the classroom first thing in the morning. Stacking is such a great activity which promotes hand eye coordination and concentration. I highly recommend Speed Stacks to all teachers and challenge them to find any other activity that will enthuse and excite students as much as Sport Stacking with Speed Stacks does. Great product with so many educational and exciting opportunities." Deane McKay, St Joseph's School, Upper Hutt

"Speed stacks is such a popular and well loved product by many children I talk to in OSCAR programmes . Children love them, staff love them, families love them. It has competitive appeal to older children who love to challenge themselves and their friends, it has team appeal to staff who can create group challenges to include all. It is mobile so can go almost anywhere there is a flat, stable surface - I have seen them being stacked on a surfboard at the beach, on a picnic table at the park and in the usual classroom and hall settings - they are really Primo Fun - say the children - your harshest critics." Julie King, Hastings

"Speed Stacks have really taken off at Kaikorai! We saw an advertisement on Breakfast TV, rang for our set of free cups and now we’re happy to say, after three school orders, sport stacking is a part of our school. Many valuable skills and attributes are developed through stacking – lots of perseverance and determination, team work, competition, enthusiasm, hand eye co-ordination and creative thinking involved in planning challenges." Kaikorai Primary School

"Speed Stacks are fun, stimulating and great for all age levels. My students thoroughly enjoy not only competing against each other but also individually in order to beat their fastest times. I enjoy using speed stacks both as a lunchtime activity for the students and also encorporate them into my Physical Education programme. They are great for hand eye co-ordination and even my students who are less physically able can participate. We are looking forward to sending a team to the regional/national championships sometime in the near future." Monique Roser, Bethlehem College, Tauranga

"A new activity that has swept through our school especially with the year 12 students.  Students say it is exhilarating and at times frustrating but VERY addictive. A great activity which doesn't take long to learn or require a lot of equipment or space.  You can take it anywhere and practice and after a while it will drive your parents and teachers crazy. The extra bonus is that it helps in other areas like concentration and focus especially during exams, enhances fine motor skills and reaction time.  My students say look out America here come the Kiwis and sport stacking." Natasha Marshall, HOD Health and Physical Education, Papanui High School

"As a teacher I'm really impressed with Speed Stacks. The amount of learning associated with them (fine motor skills, co-ordination, perseverance, left/right brain use, and the social skills of competing
with each other) is extraordinary! The only down side is that after introducing them to the kids, I have been relegated to the bottom rung of  competition!" Gareth Sinton, Douglas Park School