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Tournament Display Pro

Tournament Display Pro

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Highly recommended for all sport stacking programmes, the Tournament Display Pro plugs into your StackMat and shows the stacker's time in large illuminated digits that are visible up to 30 metres away! Imagine the excitement when the whole crowd sees the stacker's time AS IT HAPPENS!  The Tournament Display clamps to the stacking table and is powered by 8 AA batteries (not included) or the included AC adapter.  Multiple units are recommended for competitions so that each stacker's time is visible.  Features include:

  • A rear display so stackers in a relay race can see the team's time
  • Mounting bracket that works on all types of tables
  • Padded storage and transport box for protection


**Due to the size of this item, delivery charges will be subject to confirmation depending on your delivery region. Please email for a courier estimate before paying for your order.**

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